2022-03-10 2022 Festival Shows

We return to the festival stages in 2022!
We play the Basinfirefest (Jun 25, CZ), the Sabaton Open Air (Aug 5, SE) and the Nine Lives Open Air (Sep 3, DE) in Gelsenkirchen Amphitheater, together with Avantasia, Hammerfall, Stratovarius and Metalite! Get your tickets here:

2021-06-10 REVIEWS and INTERVIEWS of "To the Power of Eight"

We were busy promoting our album all over the world - here are some results:



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2021-06-09 Official Lyric Video: DEAD BY THE NIGHT

This is our official lyric video of DEAD BY THE NIGHT of our current album "To the Power of Eight" - enjoy!

2021-06-04 TO THE POWER OF EIGHT out now!

TO THE POWER OF EIGHT is released!
Our 8th album! 12 songs (8 originals + Covers from AC/DC, Amon Amarth, Iron Maiden and Queen). Sly as special guest on all tracks!
We hope you like it! RAKKATAKKA!

2021-06-01 Official Video: FAITH FOCUS FINISH

3 days to go until "To The Power of Eight" is released! Today, we present our 3rd single FAITH FOCUS FINISH

'Faith Focus Finish' is all about the "flow" you feel when you're so deep into something, that you totally forget about space and time. This can happen while listening to music, making music, or even playing sports, which is where the phrase 'Faith Focus Finish' actually comes from. We have adopted this feeling and the result is a composition in which the parts merge seamlessly into each other. Especially the drums and the rhythm section permanently drive the song forward. Inga gave all her power here and is framed and carried by the two male lead voices. Just what you need to be able to pull a ship into a harbour...

2021-05-10 Official Video: RAISE YOUR HORNS

Today we unleash our very own take on hammering “Raise Your Horns” by Swedish Vikings Amon Amarth. It is one of the coversongs of our upcoming album "To the Power of Eight". Horns up!

Raise your Horns is a very special cover for us. For the first time we approached a song with Van Canto in which the lead vocals consistently take place in the lowest growl register. Hagen takes the lead, Inga can set high, almost orchestral accents and Sly leads the choir together with Jan. It's a song in which a "real" riff shows the direction, resulting in a lot of rakkatakka and bass singing. A great composition by Amon Amarth, to whom we are happy to pay homage!

2021-04-19 Official Video: FALLING DOWN

Check out the official video of "Falling Down":

2021-03-24 New Album "To the Power of Eight" - with special guest Sly!
New Album

We have been silent for too long - let's break the silence!

This will happen on June 4th, when we release our 8th album "To the Power of Eight"! Take a look at a first teaser:

The teaser presents an epic intro of our new album and heats up the anticipation for all twelve tracks in total: Eight original numbers and four cover versions (Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth, Queen and AC/DC). From ballads to proper double bass, you can find everything in there!

For To The Power Of Eight, we joined forces with Philip Dennis “Sly” Schunke, who joins our lead vocalists Inga and Hagen on all twelve flawless tracks as third vocalist and special guest.

Being able to present an album after 15 years of band history, where three lead singers share the microphone hand in hand, makes us incredibly proud. Due to the pandemic situation we had a lot of time to work on To The Power Of Eight and put all our heart and soul into the compositions, the arrangements and the production. Originally we planned to have Sly as guest vocalist for one song – but it turned out to be twelve in total in the end. If someone would ask for one record to present VAN CANTO the most suitable way, we would choose To The Power Of Eight.

To The Power Of Eight Tracklist:

  1. To the Power of Eight
  2. Dead by the Night
  3. Faith Focus Finish
  4. Falling Down
  5. Heads Up High
  6. Raise Your Horns
  7. Turn Back Time
  8. Run to the Hills
  9. Hardrock Padlock
  10. Thunderstruck
  11. From the End
  12. I Want It All

To The Power Of Eight will be available in the following formats:

  • 1 LP Gatefold
  • 1 CD Digipac
  • Digital Album

The album can be preordered here:

Check out our shop for our christmas bundle - VC shirt +1, +3, or +7 CDs!

2019-11-28 Sabaton Open Air

We are happy to be invited to the Sabaton Festival 2020 - it will be our third time on this great festival in Falun, Sweden!

What are your lyrics about. Are you a white metal / christian band?

Our lyrics are about inner strength. We are not a religious band, but it’s not a problem for us if any religious people find something interisting in our lyrics.