2019-02-25 New shop

Our new shop is online - for all of you who did not have the chance to check our merch booth on tour ;-)

Here we go:

2019-02-25 Festivals!

After our great Tour No 7 in 6 countries, we just came back from the 70k Tons of Metal cruise, which added a 7th country to the list ;-)

For 2019 we already have Hexentanz-, RockHarz- and Summerbreeze-Festivals confirmed - so we hope to meet many of you there!

2019-01-08 70k Tons of Metal
70k Tons of Metal
2018-07-27 Trust in Rust - Track by Track

Check out this track by track video to get teaser of all songs and also some information on how the songs came to life:

2018-07-12 Melody Video

Check out the official video to our upcoming album - MELODY!

2018-06-22 Back in the Lead Lyric Video

The first Lyric Video to our upcoming album - BACK IN THE LEAD!

2017-12-19 Tour Number Seven

We'll be on tour in 2018 - TOUR NUMBER SEVEN.
We are supported by MoonSun and Evertale, check out the tourdate section for details.

2017-08-18 Hagen new singer, Ike back in the band!

Our new singer is called "Hagen". And to compliment his stormy and gravelly voice we call him "Hagel", which is German for "Hailstone". He is an outstanding young man with a fantastic voice, which has an impressive range, from the highest scream to the lowest growl and he is eager to RAKKA TAKKA your asses. You can see him in the video. Welcome to Van Canto, dude.

The sample song is called "Voice Number Seven", by the way. Seven? Yep, Ike is back on board and will be active in the studio and at selected concerts, together with Jan, to bring some deep, double doom-a-bass to your ears.

We will not be anywhere for the rest of 2017, but we are preparing everything for some festivals, a new album and tour for next year. We're really looking forward to seeing you all again in 2018!

(Foto: Frauke Bönsch/

2017-08-14 Sly leaves Van Canto - new Lineup
Sly leaves Van Canto - new Lineup

Dear fans, friends and fanclub members!

Today I would like to announce my departure as lead singer of Van Canto.

Looking back on 10 years of an unforgettable band history, full of countless memorable moments, I would like to thank you all for your support and engagement to the band, your singing and the many concerts you brought your energy to and gave right back to us.

It was a hard decision to reach, I also had to make due to private changes. The spirit in every Van Canto fan and musician, will remain in my heart for eternity. Always forward.

As far as new Van Canto projects are concerned, I wouldn't say no to a guest appearance. It's all just a question of time management, how much I can be involved, and of course what the band's vision is.

I wish Van Canto and everyone involved all the best for the future, and fingers crossed that they have lots of new surprises and wonderful moments.

Just to say, I will have a smile on my face and a tear in my eye and leave you all with a resounding RAKKATAKKA MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Your Sly.

VC says...

We are all sad to learn of Sly's leaving the band, but we would like to mention it was not because of the famous personal/professional differences. Quite the opposite.
Sly, you will always be a part of the Van Canto family and we would be delighted to have you along at one of the "positive surprises", you wished for us, on the stage or behind a microphone
Time will tell dude, but friends will always be friends.

It is never nice when a band changes its line up and must tell everyone. We were going back and forth, but we noticed we all have too much energy and motivation to sing old songs and write new ones, play concerts, record in the studio, go on tour and to arrange plans together, rather than just quit.
Therefore, we will be presenting our new lineup on the 18.08.2017; and we would be more than delighted to have you all continue to accompany us on the strange journey that is Van Canto.

Sly, we wish you all the best - We're there for you.

Van Canto.

2017-03-14 Heavatar

Van Canto is taking a longer break at the moment. As soon as we have news to tell, you will read them here. Meanwhile, Stef is working on a 2nd Heavatar album - we will keep you posted!

Where’s “Stora Rövardansen” from?

It’s from the soundtrack of the child-movie “Ronja, the robber’s daughter” of the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. The Composer is Björn Isfält, who died in 1997. This song has a really great heart and is very intense. We love it and can only advise you to check out the complete soundtrack of Björn Isfält. He did a fabulous job!