2014-08-08 Thank you Wacken!

Wacken, thank you for a great night! Thanks to all people in front of the stage, our crew and all at Wacken. And of course thanks to our special guests: Tarja Turunen, Chris Boltendahl, André Matos, Victor Smolski, Jörg Michael and Stimmgewalt.

2014-04-22 Wacken

We will play this year's Wacken Open Air!

This will be an exclusive show with Special Guests:

  • Tarja Turunen (Tarja, ex-Nightwish)
  • Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger)
  • André Matos (ex-Angra)
  • Victor Smolski (RAGE)
  • Jörg Michael (Heavatar, ex-Stratovarius)
    and a full choir.

Be there, rain or shine!!!

2014-04-15 Tour of the Brave is over!


Thanks to all our fans in Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands for giving us such a warm welcome all over Europe.

Thanks to all fans from USA, Chile, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Austria and from all over the world travelling 1000 of miles to see our shows!

Thanks to our fantastic crew: Jan (Sound), Simon (Light), Olli (Drums and Backline), Kathrin (Merch), Laura and Tanja (Global Supervisors), Wolfgang (Busdriver) and Lukas (Ball Operator).

Thanks to Maria, Birke and Jörg from Twisted Talent, all local promoters and our Street Team for their support.

Thanks to Winterstorm and all special guests for their great music.

See some stage fotos here, the one in the middle is from our last show in Dortmund (Thanks to Saskia for the great photo).

We will be back and hope to meet you all again.

Love and Rakkatakka,
Van Canto

2014-03-23 Tour of the Brave - Update

Our tour runs great, we are happy about full and sold out venues, and the greatest fans on earth. See an example from Aschaffenburg.

For all visitors of the Hamburg concert: Please send your name to vancanto [at] vancanto [punkt] de and we will send you the promised download link after the tour. Thank you!

2014-03-04 Tour of the Brave

We had a great start of our tour in Russia, followed by shows in France, Belgium and Germany.
Now we're heading off to Milan, Munich, Prague and Ludwigsburg. Hope to meet you there! Rakkatakka!

2014-02-08 DAWN OF THE BRAVE - Editions

Dawn of the Brave is released!

We have a regular version of the CD, containing 13 tracks, look at Amazon.

Then there is a limited edition with bonus tracks: Orchestral versions of Take to the Sky, If I Die In Battle und My Voice, a remix of Neuer Wind, an accoustic version of Lost Forever and a great chor version of Last Night of the Kings. You can get it at EMP together with a VC flag.

And there is a very special Earbook-Edition, a 30x30 cm book with Bonus-CD and a DVD of our Wacken Gig 2011, exclusively at Napalm Records.

Sly already got his earbook copy and introduces it in the first volume of his new video news feed "SteelBreakingNews"

2014-02-07 DAWN OF THE BRAVE

Today, our fifth album "DAWN OF THE BRAVE" is released. Enjoy!

Pär Sundström (Sabaton):
"I love how Van Canto prooves that its the songs and not the instruments that makes a good heavy metal song. Unique idea and presented by great musicians"

Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger):
"Mit Liebe, Leidenschaft und Inbrunst vorgetragener A-Capella Metal. Heroisch, fesselnd ... einfach tolle Songs... Hut ab !!!"

Victor Smolski (RAGE):
"Hammerplatte! Vom bombastischen Headbangersong "Fight for your life" über den mega-groovy "Steelbreaker" bis hin zu der gefühlvollen Ballade "Into the West" ist alles dabei. Super Gesang-Arrangements!"

2014-01-25 Van Cantians for Van Cantians

Our fanclub had a great idea: VAN CANTIANS FOR VAN CANTIANS. The main goal is to help foreign Van Canto fans (from countries where we do not play on tour) visiting a Van Canto show in Germany.

This is how it works:

  • The fanclub is selling lottery tickets, 6 tickets for 10 EUR.More informaton on
  • The lottery winners will be announced on Feb 15th on
  • You can win shirts, patches, signed CDs, drum heads of the Dawn of the Brave production, much more, and the original 3x2 m backdrop of the Tribe of Force Tour
  • All money from the lottery will be used to raise a fund to pay flights and tickets for foreign Van Cantians for the show in Cologne, April 5th 2014.
  • If you want to be at the cologne show, record a short videoclip explaining why you should be among the chosen ones, upload it on youtube until February 28th, and send the videolink to info[at]
  • Please note that you have to live at least 300km away from the nearest venue of the tour of the brave.
  • On March 1st, the fanclub members and the band will announce the winners.

Allright! Please be part of the lottery to help raising the fund – or – apply for one of the tickets via video. Thank you and good luck!

2014-01-25 Czech show moved, Netherlands show sold out!

We have great news for all Van Cantians out there !!!

Due to the huge and overwhelming demand for tickets the show on March 8th, 2014 in Prague @ Nova Chmelnice has been moved to the bigger club Meet Factory. All tickets remain valid of course. We feel honoured by the support of the Czech fans and hope to see you all there! Please visit for further information. Tickets can be purchased on:

Same warm thanks go out to the Netherlands, Van Canto's show on 03.04.2014 at O13 is completely SOLD OUT!!!

To any Dutch fan who hasn't been able to purchase tickets - we'd like to inform you that there are still some tickets left for Van Canto @ Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium on 22. February 2014.
Don't miss the chance to be a part of the "Tour of the Brave" - tickets are available on:

2014-01-16 Preview for Dawn of the Brave

Here are snippets of all songs on Dawn of the Brave. Enjoy!

Why do you use drums, an a-capella-band usually doesn’t have a drummer?

Well, we tried some guys imitating a double-bassdrum only with their voices, but they all collapsed after 2 minutes of “Lifetime”.