2015-11-19 Van Canto Vocal Metal Musical - Voices of Fire

ON MARCH 11th, 2016 ON earMUSIC.

In 2006, VAN CANTO surprised the world of metal with a revolutionary idea: to perform metal music with vocals and drums only. Nine years later, after five top 20 releases in Germany, sold out headlining tours throughout Europe and festival performances taking the band from Wacken to Australia, Van Canto now mark a new chapter in the story of “metal a cappella”: Vocal Metal Musical.

“Vocal Metal Music further develops what we stand for as Van Canto. Not only can our voices sing and imitate guitars but they are also able to tell stories. It has been six years that we’ve been working on this concept – and now we’re finally able to share it with the world”, says founding band member Stef.

March 11th, 2016 sees the release of the brand new album “Voices Of Fire” on earMUSIC by Van Canto. For this release, the band has teamed up with German bestseller author Christoph Hardebusch (“Die Trolle” – engl. “The Trolls”) who is going to release his new fantasy novel “Feuerstimmen” on March 17th, 2016 on Piper Verlag.

“We are barely able to tell what came first: the music as part of the novel or the novel as part of our album. Christoph Hardebusch and we worked hand in hand on this. Our compositions did influence the novel and vice versa. Simply put, we created our own world – a world full of competing kingdoms, epic battles, dragons, fire and bards. Not always deadly serious but full of adventures to set your imagination running wild… like Van Canto does,” explains lead singer Sly who developed the plot of the novel together with Christoph Hardebusch.

„On the one hand working closely with Van Canto was a lot of fun but on the other hand it was also very demanding,” adds author Christoph Hardebusch. “The great picture can only be achieved when creative minds interact with each other; the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Right from the start, story and music has been a unit which has influenced and fueled each other.”

For the first time, Van Canto is working with the London Metro Voices – a choir which also sang on the soundtracks of the popular blockbuster saga “Lord of the Rings”.

“Nowadays, especially in metal, everyone is creating this pseudo symphonic metal, trying to squeeze as many drum machine tracks and fake orchestra sounds in one song as possible. We wanted to do it differently. We wanted to create an album full of human sounds – either by using one’s hands for drumming or using your voice,” drummer Bastian, who is responsible for directing the various international choirs on the album, explains.

The cover artwork for “Voices Of Fire” as well as its various illustrations were created by fantasy artist Osmar Arroyo from South America.
“For this album, we wanted people to actually see the most important scenes. Omar is a great artist who understands our vision,” Ross, responsible for the guitar vocals, adds.

Coinciding with the album release, the band is going to tour Europe in 2016.
“We will surely find a way to present the songs from the new album in a special way live. But not only, we are of course going to play the most loved Van Canto songs and will also pick songs who weren’t part of our setlist for a long time,” announces lead singer Inga.

Van Canto is supported by Grailknights as well as changing local supports and special guests on their upcoming tour.

March 18 Leipzig – Hellraiser (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
March 19 Zlin – Masters of Rock Cafe (+ Grailknights + Winterstorm)
March 20 Prag – Meet Factory (+ Grailknights + Winterstorm)
March 24 London – O2 Islington (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
March 25 Tilburg – O13 (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
March 26 Vosselaar Biebob (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
March 27 Paris – Le Petit Bain (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
March 31 Wien – Szene (+ Grailknights + Dragony)
April 1 Pratteln – Z7 (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
April 2 München – Backstage (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
April 3 Stuttgart – Im Wizemann (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
April 9 Hannover – Musikzentrum (+ Grailknights + Sinbreed)
April 10 Berlin – Lido (+ Grailknights + Sinbreed)
April 15 Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)
April 16 Hamburg – Markthalle (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)
April 17 Frankfurt – Batschkapp (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)

2015-11-03 Ike leaves Van Canto, Jan new bass singer

Ike leaves Van Canto and says: “My decision to leave this great band was a tough one. The time for change is now. Life is offering new paths for me. It was great fun and an honour to sing for you and with you. Friendships have been established that will remain. All the best to all Van Cantians! Rakkatakka!”

Bandfounder Stef: “Of course this is sad, but we know it wasn’t an easy decision. We think this step is honest and straightforward. Of course our friendship will remain, even if it does not take place in a common band anymore. Personally, I really enjoyed to experience so many great moments with Ike, that we had dreamed of as 13 year old boys when founding our very first band “Gloom” in 1993.”

New bass singer will be Jan, who already shared the stage with us and his Stimmgewalt choir on our Voicesfests and some single gigs as a guest musician. Jan states: “This metal-affine choirboy is tremendously joyful to be part of the Van Canto Epicness!” Jan, welcome to Van Canto.

All bandmembers wish Ike all the best on all new paths, and say “Thank you” for so many deep bass notes and great moments!

Stef, Inga, Dennis, Ross, Bastian in November 2015

2015-10-21 Concept album and Tour

Van Cantians!

After a great summer that brought us to Australia, Spain and France, we fill finish 2015 live season with Russia and Belarus this weekend.

But we will tour again: We will release the first concept album of our project "Metal Vocal Musical" in March 2016, more details to follow within the next weeks.

After that we will hit the roads of Europe again, performing songs of the new album and of course "regular" Van Canto songs as well, including some songs that haven't made it on the setlist for a long time.

The tour will be supported by the mighty Grailknights and changing local support acts and special guests.

18.03.2016 Leipzig – Hellraiser (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
19.03.2016 Zlin – Masters of Rock Cafe (+ Grailknights + Winterstorm)
20.03.2016 Prag – Meet Factory (+ Grailknights + Winterstorm)
24.03.2016 London – O2 Islington (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
25.03.2016 Tilburg – O13 (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
26.03.2016 Vosselaar Biebob (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
27.03.2016 Paris – Le Petit Bain (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
31.03.2016 Wien – Szene (+ Grailknights + Dragony)
01.04.2016 Pratteln – Z7 (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
02.04.2016 München – Backstage (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
03.04.2016 Stuttgart – Im Wizemann (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
09.04.2016 Hannover – Musikzentrum (+ Grailknights + Sinbreed)
10.04.2016 Berlin – Lido (+ Grailknights + Sinbreed)
15.04.2015 Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)
16.04.2015 Hamburg – Markthalle (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)
17.04.2015 Frankfurt – Batschkapp (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)

We hope to meet you there! Get your tickets at

2015-07-29 Back from Australia

Hello there!
We are back from Australia and are still busy to realize all the impressions we got there. For the first time in Van Canto's history we gave a workshop (for 86 singers!), teaching them how to sing metal a cappella in 4 days, 5 hours each.
A Van Canto show, together with the choir and a final concert with all choirs of the festival were just a perfect highlight of our time at the other side of the world.

We will play some gigs this year and then focus on new creative work, about which we will post some news in some weeks. Stay tuned!

2015-06-12 Tarja and Van Canto

Tarja Turunen just released her DVD "Luna Park Ride".
It also shows our show in Wacken with the song "Anteroom of Death".
Check out

2015-04-23 Van Canto forced to postpone Russian and Belarus gigs

We are very sad that we have to announce the postponement of our upcoming Van Canto shows in Russia and Belarus.
One of the band members fell suddenly very sick and the doctors prohibited him from flying and any strenuous exercise as this would mean a major threat to his health.
After thinking over all possible solutions we came to the conclusion that unfortunately there is no other way than moving the concerts to a later date.
All tickets remain valid and we are working at full speed to announce alternate dates as soon as possible.

2015-02-03 Gigs 2015

in 2015 we will focus on our creative work, results yet to be announced ;-)

Nevertheless we will play some gigs, for the first time in Spain, Australia and Belarus. And some german gigs as well!

See you,

2014-09-09 Voicefest 2014

After our gig at the Wacken Open Air with a full choir, we decided to do it again!
We start our "Voicefest" and are going to play 3 german shows with full choir support!

We will show up on December 12th in Hamburg, December 13th in Bochum and December 14th in Frankfurt. Special Guest are In Legend (with new songs), and Stimmgewalt from Berlin. We hope to meet you there to sing with us and our choir!

Tickets at Metaltix

2014-08-08 Thank you Wacken!

Wacken, thank you for a great night! Thanks to all people in front of the stage, our crew and all at Wacken. And of course thanks to our special guests: Tarja Turunen, Chris Boltendahl, André Matos, Victor Smolski, Jörg Michael and Stimmgewalt.

2014-04-22 Wacken

We will play this year's Wacken Open Air!

This will be an exclusive show with Special Guests:

  • Tarja Turunen (Tarja, ex-Nightwish)
  • Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger)
  • André Matos (ex-Angra)
  • Victor Smolski (RAGE)
  • Jörg Michael (Heavatar, ex-Stratovarius)
    and a full choir.

Be there, rain or shine!!!

Why do you use drums, an a-capella-band usually doesn’t have a drummer?

Well, we tried some guys imitating a double-bassdrum only with their voices, but they all collapsed after 2 minutes of “Lifetime”.