Voices of Fire Tour is over - Thank you!!!

Van Cantians!

Our Voices of Fire European Tour is over! We are very thankful for the last weeks and very happy we met so many great people from all over Europe (and those who came to our shows from outside Europe, of course!).

A tour cannot be done without the greatest vocal crew on earth. Thanks to Jan (sound), Simon (light), Felix (monitor/stage), Oli (drums/stage), Saskia (merch), Laura (merch and family assistance), Tony (driving just-in-time), Paul & Beppo (filling in and helping out) and Lukas (police, security and dragon fighting) for the great support.

Thanks to our booking agency and our publishers for all the great work!

Thanks to our support acts Freedom Call, Sinbreed, Victorius, End of the Dream, Winterstorm and Dragony.

Special thanks go out to our main support, the migthy Grailknights and their Crew. It was wonderful being on the road with you, such kind, funny, relaxed people, great musicians and just the perfect Van Canto support. Let's do it again someday!

Very special thanks to our fanclub who showed up in so many venues and helped Van Canto Fans from all over the world to see our shows. You are awesome!

Osmar and Christoph, thanks for making this tour a special one. We are so happy you are part of the Voices of Fire team and it was great sharing the stage with you.

Ike, thank you for showing up in Frankfurt and adding some thunderous double bass action!

Most of all, we want to thank all Van Canto fans for packing the halls, making incredible noise, singing along, giving us the best time in our career and just being the greatest fans in the world. Thank you!

VAN CANTO, April 2016