Van Cantians for Van Cantians

Our fanclub had a great idea: VAN CANTIANS FOR VAN CANTIANS. The main goal is to help foreign Van Canto fans (from countries where we do not play on tour) visiting a Van Canto show in Germany.

This is how it works:

  • The fanclub is selling lottery tickets, 6 tickets for 10 EUR.More informaton on
  • The lottery winners will be announced on Feb 15th on
  • You can win shirts, patches, signed CDs, drum heads of the Dawn of the Brave production, much more, and the original 3x2 m backdrop of the Tribe of Force Tour
  • All money from the lottery will be used to raise a fund to pay flights and tickets for foreign Van Cantians for the show in Cologne, April 5th 2014.
  • If you want to be at the cologne show, record a short videoclip explaining why you should be among the chosen ones, upload it on youtube until February 28th, and send the videolink to info[at]
  • Please note that you have to live at least 300km away from the nearest venue of the tour of the brave.
  • On March 1st, the fanclub members and the band will announce the winners.

Allright! Please be part of the lottery to help raising the fund – or – apply for one of the tickets via video. Thank you and good luck!