Hagen new singer, Ike back in the band!

Our new singer is called "Hagen". And to compliment his stormy and gravelly voice we call him "Hagel", which is German for "Hailstone". He is an outstanding young man with a fantastic voice, which has an impressive range, from the highest scream to the lowest growl and he is eager to RAKKA TAKKA your asses. You can see him in the video. Welcome to Van Canto, dude.

The sample song is called "Voice Number Seven", by the way. Seven? Yep, Ike is back on board and will be active in the studio and at selected concerts, together with Jan, to bring some deep, double doom-a-bass to your ears.

We will not be anywhere for the rest of 2017, but we are preparing everything for some festivals, a new album and tour for next year. We're really looking forward to seeing you all again in 2018!

(Foto: Frauke Bönsch/