Metal Female Voices Awards

We’re playing Metale Female Voices Festival in Belgium on October 18th 2009. We are nominated for the Metale Female Voices Award in categories “best band” and “best newcomer”. Please visit to vote for us. Thanks!



Live Details

Our gig on Bochum Total is scheduled on sunday, 5th july, 7.30 pm on the “Ringbühne”. Be there, the complete festival is free!

Soon we will be able to post more details about our gig on Manowar’s MagicCircle-Festival (July 18th, Loreley).



End of Tour

Our Hero Tour has ended with a terrific gig at the MCF. Thanks to all our fans for the power you gave us on our shows. For the rest of the summer we’re taking a vacation, but soon we’ll be back with fantastic news! Rakkatakka!



New Album, New Label

We’re back in the studio again! After our successful tour we started working on our third studio album. Back in Twilight Hall Studios we are recording together with Charlie Bauerfeind.

The album will contain at least 11 own songs, and perhaps one or two bonus tracks. We will not do as many covers as on the last album, but at least one cover will find its way.

Napalm records will take care of the worldwide release in the beginning of 2010. Our first two albums finally will also be released worldwide then!

As soon as we have more information about songtitles, release and the next tour you will be able to read it here.
Until then we’re sending a message from the studio:



And the winner is… Van Canto!

And the winner is… Van Canto!

After a great show at female metal voices festival 7 in Belgium, we recieved the METAL FEMALE VOICES AWARD for the BEST NEWCOMER. Thanks to Phil (the founder of this great festival), to all our fans voting for us and of course to Inga for being female.

After Belgium we did a short trip with 3 more gigs in Switzerland and Germany. Great shows. We have the best fans in the world. Thank you!

We are now finishing recordings and hope to see you all on our gig with DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER (6.11. Schlachthof Wiesbaden).



Van Canto on German TV

Van Canto on German TV

2010 will be at least so exciting for us as 2009 has been so far. On January 7th you can see us on German TV station "Pro7". At "Quatsch Comedy Club" show, German comedians will see what it's all about metal a capella.



Tribe of Force

Tribe of Force

Our third album will be called TRIBE OF FORCE and it will contain 13 songs. Take a look at the front cover here.

The album will be released on the following dates:

  • 24.02.10 – Finland, Spain
  • 26.02.10 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, France, Italy, Sweden
  • 01.03.10 – Rest of Europe
  • 09.03.10 – USA/Canada

We'll be starting our tour on March 26th, 2010 (take a look on our tourdates) and in summer 2010 we'll be playing some major festivals.



From TV to the stage

From TV to the stage

Happy new year to all Van Cantians!

After our TV show yesterday (with quite a strange sound without our vocal-guitarsolo?!) we are happy to focus on our club tour, which leads us through Germany in the first step. We will visit some festivals later this year and try to play gigs in other countries as well. Stay tuned. Thanks!



Kings of Metal

Kings of Metal

For all those waiting for the release of TRIBE OF FORCE in feb / march we published our video of KINGS OF METAL. Much metal, a giant stage and a lot of fire. That's how the metal gods like it. Enjoy!



Tribe of Force Details

Tribe of Force Details

Here is the tracklist and some details concerning our new album:

1) Lost Forever
2) To Sing a Metal Song
3) One To Ten (featuring Victor Smolski / Rage)
4) I am human
5) My Voice
6) Rebellion (Grave Digger Cover, featuring Chris Boltendahl)
7) Last Night of the kings
8) Tribe of Force
9) Water.Fire.Heaven.Earth.
10) Master of Puppets (Metallica Cover)
11) Magic Taborea (new Soundtrack of Runes of Magic with Orchestra)
12) Hearted (featuring Tony Kakko / Sonata Arctica)
13) Frodo’s Dream




Hi there, our german tourdates are fixed now.
We are currently working on some shows in other European Countries and even overseas for the second half of the year. Stay tuned. We'll meet somewhere!



Fiesta Pagana & RockHarz

Fiesta Pagana & RockHarz

We confirmed the first two festivals!
Our appearance on Fiesta Pagana will be our first date in Switzerland since October 2009!

Furthermore we are happy to visit RockHarz again! A special gig for us, because the RockHarz team was the first to give us a chance to play in front of a big audience 2007! Thank you! Tickets:



Lost Forever

The first video of our new album is online:

Lost Forever on Youtube



Release Parties

One word about our releaseparties. On these parties our album will be played and the wacken-vid will be viewed. VAN CANTO WILL NOT PLAY ANY GIGS THERE! Even if we wanted we couldn't be at three places at a time ;-) If you want to see us live, join our Tour of Force, starting end of march. See you there.



MEINL Endorsement



Rebellion in our minds!

Be part of the Van Canto Rebellion videoclip!

We are looking for the greatest clan, the most powerful tribe!

Listen to our cover version of Grave Digger's Rebellion in our current widget. Then make a movie of yourself and your friends performing this song and send us your clip!

You can find more information on this here:



Tribe of Force

Tribe of Force

Tribe of Force, our third album was released in Europe on Feb 26th. Worldwide release will be March 9th.

If you want to own the LIMITED EDITION (including a Bonus DVD with our show at Wacken 2008) should order the CD now!
Tribe of Force at Amazon




We updated our "DATES"-Section with our festival gigs on Metalfests Europe, Dong, RageAgainstRacism and Ragnarök. See you there!




TRIBE OF FORCE entered the german official album charts on rank 83. Thanks to all fans buying an album and not just copying it. You keep us going!



Last Night of the Kings

Springtime is there. Great thing when we think of our Tour of Force starting this Friday.
If you want to have a look at what we've done during the winter, take this:
Last Night of the Kings auf Youtube



After the Tour of Force

After the Tour of Force

The Tour of Force has been a great success. We had fantastic crowds on all 13 gigs. 5 venues were sold out completely, so was the final gig of the tour in Zeche Carl, Essen in front of more than 600 crazy Van Cantians.
Thanks to all metalheads joining the tribe. We will now focus on festivals and put up more gigs in the second half of the year.
We'll put many tourphotos online in the next days, you can allready check Andrea's Page now.



Festivals and Shop

We added some cool festival dates, e.g. the Blue Balls Festival together with Apocalyptica and the Wacken Open Air where we'll play as special guest for Grave Diggers Anniversary Show.
Furthermore our shop is online again with nice new stuff. Check it out.



Blind Guardian Support

Wir will support Blind Guardian on most of their German Tourdates. Great thing!!!! Rakkatakka!

  • Fr 01.10.2010 Germany Ludwigsburg Arena
  • Sa 02.10.2010 Germany Trier Arena
  • So 03.10.2010 Germany Langen Stadthalle
  • Fr 08.10.2010 Germany Bamberg Jako Arena
  • Sa 09.10.2010 Germany Duesseldorf Philippshalle
  • So 10.10.2010 Germany München Zenith
  • Mi 20.10.2010 Germany Berlin Huxleys
  • Do 21.10.2010 Germany Osnabrück Halle Gartlage


New Festivals

We'll play our first show in Italy! We are confirmed for the Gods of Metal Festival in Turin. Furthermore we'll play this year's SummerBreeze-Festival. See you there!



Van Canto is singing along


We covered the Bard's Song on our hero album. We recorded our last two albums in Blind Guardian's Twilight Hall Studios and had the honor to have Hansi joining us on Take to the Sky. In October we will tour together.
Now it's the other way around and a VC voice found its way on the new Blind Guardian Album: Stef is singing the background choirs, very bombastic, as expected! It's quite hard to sing BG choirs 6 days long! Find some impressions in this youtube video.
The new Blind Guardian album will be released July 30th, you can prelisten all songs on this e-card.


We have a special appearance on the opener of Tarja's new solo album. A very bizarre vocal part, arranged and performed by Van Canto. The album comes out on September 3rd.


Stef and Basti did the background choirs on the new Grave Digger album together with Hacky Hackmann. This will be an awesome heavy metal album. We are really looking forward to join the stage with Grave Digger on Wacken 2010.



Moscow and Dong

In October we will have our first gig in Moscow. Awesome! See Dates for Details.

Tomorrow we play at Dong Open Air. Our stagetime is 8 pm. See you there!



The clans are marching

We wanted you to perform to our cover song »Rebellion«. We received very cool clips and present the result today. Even Chris Boltendahl from Grave Digger joined the clans! This is the perfect introduction to our Wacken show tomorrow (friday) evening. Rain or shine!

Van Canto - Rebellion Cover (Official)



Magic Taborea

Shortly before we go on tour with Blind Guardian we want to share our lates video with you. Enjoy our new clip of "Magic Taborea".



Letter from Van Canto

Hi Van Cantians,

Now, that October is nearly over we want to thank you all for a really great month.

The Blind Guardian Tour was an unbelievable experience. We met so many kind people and were allowed to play Germany’s big concert arenas. Thanks to Blind Guardian and their fantastic crew for making us feel so welcome.

Then we had the chance to play in Moscow, a completely different country and many impressions in very short time. The concert was great. Thanks to all our new Russian friends, the guys from Black Messiah and the promoters of delta Mekong concerts.

Our crew becomes more and more part of the band and so we want to say a big thank you to Jan (sound), Kathrin (merch) and Martin (light) for their true support and professional work.

But the biggest thanks go out to you. You are incredible. No matter if we play in Germany, Italy or Russia - you are there. If there is a festival where the ticket is 40 Eur or more and you only want to see us – you are there. And you even bring your friends and get more and more with every show we play. You are turning every place into one giant voice tornado and we’re not lying when we tell you that behind the scenes many (important! ;-)) people of the Blind Guardian family where more than impressed by what you and we did every evening. It’s good to be underestimated. We still like that.

What we noticed in October (especially in Moscow) is, how unimportant some “journalists” or keepers of the real metal are when it comes to the point we are meeting our fans. If we see happy faces in front of all stages and 90% of the audience is exhausted but happy after our show, we can’t be that wrong. The stage is the truth and we like this truth.

We are very happy and thankful for having the possibility to live this dream. Thank you for making it real. We hope to see you on our future shows. We start with our winter tour (Germany and Switzerland) in December and try to visit more countries in 2011.

Rakkathank you, Van Cantians. You are heroes.

Stefan, Sly, Inga, Ross, Ike and Bastian, October 2010



New Location for Schweinfurt

Our gig in Schweinfurt (Jan, 8, 2011) has been moved from the "Stadthalle" to the "Stattbahnhof". Please check the date section for details.



Tour, Album, Festivals, Wacken

Hi Van Cantians,

sorry for not updating you for a long time. This is because we were so overwhelmed by our last tour, that we had to take some days to get back into real life again ;-)
You can read a cool article about our tour on (german only).

Thanks to all who came to our shows and made it an unforgettable memory for us. We can’t wait to be on stage again.

This leads us to some good news and some bad news. Bad news: We won’t be on any stage until June. Good news: This is because we are working on a new album. It’s too early to provide any details right now, as soon as we have news you will read them here.

We’re playing some festivals this summer, among others our first one in Sweden. And Wacken! After our show 2008 and our special guest appearance for Grave Digger in 2010 we will be back with an own show in 2011. Hope to see you there.

Take care.



Van Canto Gig No 100


we have finished songwriting and will start with the drum recordings in 2 weeks.

To prepare our festival appearances, we will play our 100. gig as a Van Canto Fanclub private party in Bad Kreuznach (Germany) on May 28th.
If you want to join this event you should become a member of our fanclub. Visit or write an email to for more info. See you!



New album and European Tour

New album and European Tour

Hi Van Cantians,

we finished drum recordings for the new album and are currently recording vocals. The new one will be released by the end of September.

The release will be followed by a European Tour with 4 other bands. So we finally hope to get to see all Van Cantians in France, England, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Holland, Belgium and so on! See the Dates page for details!



Break the Silence

Break the Silence

Van Cantians!

Our new album is called "Break the Silence"
and will be released by the End of September.
Here is the tracklist:

  1. If I Die In Battle
  2. The Seller Of Souls
  3. Primo Victoria (feat. Joakim Broden / Sabaton / Sabaton Cover)
  4. Dangers In My Head
  5. Black Wings Of Hate
  6. Bed Of Nails (Alice Cooper Cover)
  7. Spelled In Waters (feat. Marcus Siepen / Blind Guardian)
  8. Neuer Wind
  9. The Higher Flight
  10. Master Of The Wind (Manowar Cover)
  11. Betrayed (Bonus Track)
  12. Bad To The Bone (Bonus Track / Running Wild Cover)
  13. A Storm To Come (Bonus Track)

Hope to see you at Wacken!



One month to go…

...until BREAK THE SILENCE will be released.

To get the Limited Edition, you can preorder at Amazon now:
[Break the Silence at Amazon]( "Break the Silence at Amazon")



Breaking the Silence


watch the first teaser for our new album:

If you own a smartphone, download the Napalm Records App and have a listen to a complete song - The Seller of Souls.
IPhone, etc.

And watch this Trailer of the Out of the Dark Tour.

You can preorder the limited Edition (incl. 3 Bonustracks + Posterbooklet) at Amazon.



The Seller of Souls


watch our brandew videoclip "The Seller of Souls":

The album "Break the Silence" will be released September 23rd and can be preordered at Amazon .



Break The Silence released

Tomorrow Break The Silence will be released officially.
We are happy to share our voices with you and hope to see you on tour.

Check our international tourdates:

Abaton, Prague (CZ)
Club 202, Budapest (H)
Alcatraz, Milan (I)
Z7, Pratteln (CH)
Le Bataclan, Paris (F)
Patronaat, Haarlem (NL)
Biebob, Vosselaar (B)
O2 Academy Islington, London (GB)


Create your own video



Song snippets and epic outtakes teaser



Show Updates

Our out of the Dark Tour starts on Friday.
The show in Prague is sold out. The show in Paris was cancelled by the local promoter due to production reasons.



Hello from Prague

We had a great start of our Out of the Dark tour in Karlsruhe. Now we are in Prague and are really looking forward to playing in this sold out venue.
In the meantime, you can check our new video: Primo Victoria



Tour and german Charts

Hello from Milano!

We are in Italy and really looking forward to the show tonight. Prague and Budapest have been great and we met many new Van Cantians.
Good news from Germany: Break the Silence entered the German album charts at rank 23! Thanks to all those who bought an album and not just copied it.



Tour is over

Tour is over

The Out of the Dark Tour is over! Thanks to all Van Cantians, especially the new ones from countries we have never been before. You rock! And thanks to Tristania, Serenity, Xandria, Amberian dawn and the Crew for having a great time together.

We will play some german dates and the end of the year, together with Orden Ogan and In Legend. Check the Dates Section for Details.




Watch the winning video of the RockTaborea contest here:

Second and third place are also great clips:
Betrayed - 2
Betrayed - 3



No Silence to the End

No Silence to the End

Get tickets for our winter gigs with Orden Ogan and In Legend at Metaltix.

  • 28.12.2011: Pirmasens, Quasimodo (D)
  • 29.12.2011: Augsburg, Spectrum (D)
  • 04.01.2012: Ludwigsburg, Rofa (D)
  • 05.01.2012: Osnabrück, Rosenhof (D)
  • 06.01.2012: Hameln, Sumpfblume (D)
  • 07.01.2012: Düsseldorf, Zakk (D)


Peer Returns in German Theater?

Peer Returns in German Theater?

You all know A Storm to Come, the bonus track of the current album Break the Silence which is a preview for our transmedia project Peer Returns. We'll provide some news on our ideas of a multimedia production on this one in December. But now we also have the chance to bring this work on stage in a german theater!

The famous Thalia-Theater in Hamburg runs a voting, which pieces should be played in the next season..

If you want to support us (and bring metal a cappella to the theater's stage), write an Email to Tell your name, your adress, the german name of our piece "Peers Heimkehr" and the names of the authors (Hopf, Schmidt, Emig).

Among all those who send us a copy of their Mail to we will raffle the poster picture of "A storm to come", printed on canvas and signed by all participants.




Voting finished

Thanks to all Van Cantians voting for us. We reached 2nd place!!!
As soon as we have new information about if and how the whole theater thing is going to happen, we will post it here.




Looking for a Christmas present? We're on tour in Germany end of December, beginning of January, together with Orden Ogan and In Legend.
Tickets at Metaltix.



After the tour

After the tour

Happy new year, Van Cantians! ;-)

Our wintertour is over. Thanks to all fans coming to our concerts, we had more than 3500 visitors at 6 shows!

We are very proud of what we have created since 2006 and we are happy that we are allowed to enjoy all these unbelievable moments. We have never expected such a huge response to our music. At the last show in Düsseldorf we played in front of 1000 people, some of them from Sweden, Norway, Holland and Poland. That's awesome! Thank you Van Cantians!

Special thanks to our special guests from Orden Ogan and In Legend and of course thanks to the crew for making the days thrilling and relaxed at the same time. Watch our surfing Front-Sly on the photo!

As promised we put our drumhead online at ebay. We want to donate the final price for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) for which Basti is working in times he is not drumming like a maniac. We are happy for every bid!

We will now take a live break, but we'll be back soon with news from the Van Canto universe. Rakkatakka!





As promised we put the signed tour drumhead on ebay. We had more than 50 participants and got a final result of more than 1000 Euro! To be exact: It has been 1030,01 Euro that we already transfered to Medecines Sans Frontieres. Thanks to all to helped us with this and special thanks to Malte and Lisa. We met them to hand over the drumhead last Saturday.

Meanwhile, there are no real news concerning Peer at the theater, it seems we have to wait a little bit more. Nevertheless we already chose a winner for the "A storm to come" canvas poster. Friederice looks very happy with her new picture on the wall. We hope that we can present more news concerning Peer Returns soon.



Thalia Theater shows no real interest

Some of you might wonder, what is happening behind the scenes at “Peer Returns“, our transmedia-project. We are still working on the multi-media version of “A Storm to Come” which you know already as a bonustrack on our current release “Break the Silence”. Work is progressing very well but we need to ask you for some more patience. If you want to stay updated check our project blog on Facebook (

Unfortunately, we don’t have any good news with respect to our theatre project and the public voting initiated by the Thalia Theater. After more than two months of trying to get into a serious discussion about the project with the Thalia Theater (and believe-you-me, we stayed extremely polite over the whole time) we must assume that the theatre has no serious interest in the production since it has postponed an in-depth creative meeting about the show time and again. The intendant of the theatre declines to talk to us. The in-house director is so involved in his rehearsals for the theatre’s next production that he can’t even set a date for a meeting. The dramaturg, who our author has talked to repeatedly, refers us to the in-house director. And so on...

This is particularly strange since we did not simply knock at the theatre’s door with our project hoping that someone would please be as kind as to answer the phone. No, the Thalia Theatre initiated with a lot of ballyhoo their public voting for next year’s productions which we won second place. Naturally, we were highly hopeful and motivated to see “Peer Returns” hit the big stage. But instead we incredulously have to observe how frightened and embarrassed the theatre seems to be with its own ploy of having had an open vote for their upcoming productions. It looks to us like a lack of respect for their own decisions and not least a lack of respect for all those who participated in the voting.

We know that ‘Peers Heimkehr’ might not be the next big thing that the whole theatre world has been eagerly waiting for since the invention of drama. But we did hope it to be a welcome addition not least because of its unique musical style and its modern-day relation to one of theatre’s great classics.

Unfortunately, unless magic happens we must assume that “Peers Heimkehr” will not be performed at the Thalia Theater. This is quite a shame, but from our perspective largely for the management of the theatre. We promise you that we will continue to work on this project, so that all those who want to see Metal A-Cappella on the dramatic stage, will have something to look forward to.

It is not the first time that we have had to deal with prejudices but so far luckily it did not lessen the fun we have with the band and with all of you! This will also be the case here. Promise!

So, it might be we are lost forever, but still we’re here to carry on ;-) Rakkatakka Motherfuckers!





Since we don't have any gigs right now where we can sound like guitars, we sing some lyrics instead!
Ross and Stef are doing the background choirs on the new Grave Digger Album, together with
Hacky Hackmann.
This is heavy metal and nothing else. We love it.



As you might have noticed already, for the first time in Van Canto's history, we do not have any future live shows confirmed. We will take a live break for the rest of 2012 to regain some vocal power ;-)

But that doesn't mean we are lazy, there are news about Peer Return!
As the Thalia Theater did not include Peer Returns in their next season (as expected - read this german blog), we will try to let the story happen on another stage.

Meanwhile, our transmedia project comes to live! A first teaser can be watched on our Peer Returns Facebook Page. Our VC-Facebookpage has more than 50.000 fans now, the page of Peer Returns still needs some more ;-)
So click it and like it! See (and hear) you soon!



If I Die In Battle

To keep a long story short: Today we released our new videoclip „If I Die in Battle”. Many Warriors, many drawings (thanks Hoink!) and some of the band members’ faces from time to time. Here is the clip – enjoy!



To sing a metal song

Almost exactly one year ago, we stood on the Wacken stage and celebrated one of the greatest moments in our band's history. Watch the official clip of that gig!

New gigs for 2013 are to be confirmed soon, stay tuned!



News & Full Metal Cruise

Hi Van Cantians.

We use the current live break to recover some creativity! A great thing, beacuse we will soon be able to present you some side projects of Van Canto members. As soon as there is something to hear, you will get to know it on this website!

But the main news is: our live break is over! During the next weeks we will announce some festivals for 2013 and start with a big baaaam! We are part of the full metal cruise. Check out for details.

Take care, Van Canto.



RockHarz and Walpurgisschlacht

We are confirmed for RockHarz 2013 and Walpurgisschlacht 2013.




We are confirmed for Basinfirefest 2013 in Czech Republic!



Summerbreeze and News on Peer Returns

We are confirmed for the SummerBreeze Festival 2013. We had a great time on this festival in 2011 and are happy to return!

Talking about "Return": Even though it has been a little quiet about our crossmedia project "Peer Returns", we are still working on it! The app is nearly finished. Furthermore we found an agency promoting our piece and offering it to various theater stages. More infos (and even more snippets!) can be found here:



Sideprojects and NEW ALBUM!

Hail Van Cantians,

we signed a new record deal with Napalm Records and are working on a new album!
We can't tell the exact release date, but "next winter" is surely right.
We are currently working on sogwriting and are preparing for our festival gigs. As soon as we start recordings, you will read it here.

Now is the right time to inform you about some side projects. We have been anything but lazy in 2012:

  • Stef recorded a Powermetal-Album (with guitars! ;-)). HEAVATAR's "All my kingdoms" has been released last week.
  • Ike played guitar, recorded and produced a german hardrockalbum with PARALYST.
  • Bastian is working on the 2nd IN LEGEND Album which will be mixed by the end of march. Check out news on his website:
  • Sly recorded a soloalbum featuring his voice in songs from hardrock to pop and even disco! The album will be mixed by the end of march and released in summer.

On all projects we helped each other and we are really proud on the different kinds of music we create!

Allright - news concerning the 5th Van Canto album will be published here. Take care, have fun with our side projects and hope to see you on some festival!

Van Canto, February 2013



Be part of the next VC album!

Hail Van Cantians

We’re back on stage and had a great gig on German Walpurgisschlacht-Festival. Thanks to everyone giving us such a great welcome after 15 months off-stage. We’re now heading for the Full Metal Cruise and some festivals. Among others we once more will be part of the Bochum Total Festival on July 14th, and we are planning something special here:

We want to record a big Van Cantian Choir for our next album. You don’t have to be talented in singing, you only have to be many people and you have to be loud! This event will take place on July 14th, 1.p.m in Dortmund. In the evening you can then attend our full gig at Bochum Total Festival, a great festival with free entry!

So if you want to be an official part of the 5th VC-album, please write a mail with your full name to, we will send you further information during the next few weeks.



Cruisaders returned

Cruisaders returned

We're back from Full Metal Cruise, and had a great time! Thanks to all fans, bands, hands and friends who made these days very special ones for us!



Recordings for new album started

Recordings for new album started

We started recording our fifth studio album. Bastian recorded drums for 11 songs and some more for some bonus material. He hammered his kit like a maniac and Stef and Charlie Bauerfeind had a great time recording these takes. During the next months we focus on (guess what...) singing! Stay tuned



Recordings and Festivals

Recordings and Festivals

We are very busy recording our 5th album. Some (of many!) vocals are already done and the highlight so far has been the choir recording session with 200 Van Cantians last weekend! Thanks to all who participated in this legendary event and gave their voices for our upcoming album.
Furthermore we played shows on Basifirefest, RockHarz (see photo) and Bochum Total. Thanks to all fans giving us such a great time!



New video

As we are busy working on our 5th album and can not work on PEER RETURNS at the moment, we want to give you the complete video of the first episode "A Storm to Come"



Recordings nearly finished, last gig for 2013

We are currently finishing recordings for the 5th VC album. Mix will start in about 4 weeks. The album will be released early 2014, followed by a European tour.

On September 27th we play our last gig for 2013 in Paderborn. Be there and be as loud as the Summerbreeze crowd ;-)



Tour of the Brave

Tour of the Brave

Our fifth album will be released early 2014, followed by a European Tour. Be there! Rakkatakka!



Dawn of the Brave

Our fifth studio album will be called DAWN OF THE BRAVE. It was important for us to go a little bit further than before. From the drumsound of Charlie Bauerfeind through to the choir recordings with over 200 VAN CANTO fans up to the mixing of Ronald Prent, who made the whole thing shine, as we always wanted to. The album will be bigger, fatter and more powerful-voiced than ever. We are thrilled to look forward to the release of the album and to play the songs live on tour. Rakkatakka Motherfuckers!



Dawn of the Brave - Cover & Tracklist

DAWN OF THE BRAVE will be released on Feb 7th, 2014!


  1. Dawn of the Brave
  2. Fight for your Life
  3. To the Mountains
  4. Badaboom
  5. The Final Countdown
    – Europe cover
  6. Steel Breaker
  7. The Awakening
  8. The other ones
  9. Holding out for a Hero
    – Bonnie Tyler cover
  10. Unholy
  11. My Utopia
  12. Into the West
    – „Lord of the Rings“-soundtrack cover
  13. Paranoid
    – Black Sabbath cover



Here is our boom-bastic clip to our new album: Badaboom!



Gigs in Switzerland and Belgium

Bad news first, then the good news!

Due to the great demand for tickets and the closure of the Galery in Pratteln our show which was to take place on 22. February 2014 has to be postponed to 20. March 2014. New location is the Z7 in Pratteln. All bought tickets will stay valid for the new date and venue.

Although this means that the Swiss fans will have to wait a bit longer to see Van Canto finally back on stage, we are happy to announce that there will be a replacement show in Belgium on 22. February at Biebob in Vosselaar. We will be supported by Winterstorm at both shows. Hope to see many of you there!



Happy new year

We wish you a happy new year and are really looking forward to the DAWN OF THE BRAVE. We hope to meet you on tour!



Preview for Dawn of the Brave

Here are snippets of all songs on Dawn of the Brave. Enjoy!



Czech show moved, Netherlands show sold out!

We have great news for all Van Cantians out there !!!

Due to the huge and overwhelming demand for tickets the show on March 8th, 2014 in Prague @ Nova Chmelnice has been moved to the bigger club Meet Factory. All tickets remain valid of course. We feel honoured by the support of the Czech fans and hope to see you all there! Please visit for further information. Tickets can be purchased on:

Same warm thanks go out to the Netherlands, Van Canto's show on 03.04.2014 at O13 is completely SOLD OUT!!!

To any Dutch fan who hasn't been able to purchase tickets - we'd like to inform you that there are still some tickets left for Van Canto @ Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium on 22. February 2014.
Don't miss the chance to be a part of the "Tour of the Brave" - tickets are available on:



Van Cantians for Van Cantians

Our fanclub had a great idea: VAN CANTIANS FOR VAN CANTIANS. The main goal is to help foreign Van Canto fans (from countries where we do not play on tour) visiting a Van Canto show in Germany.

This is how it works:

  • The fanclub is selling lottery tickets, 6 tickets for 10 EUR.More informaton on
  • The lottery winners will be announced on Feb 15th on
  • You can win shirts, patches, signed CDs, drum heads of the Dawn of the Brave production, much more, and the original 3x2 m backdrop of the Tribe of Force Tour
  • All money from the lottery will be used to raise a fund to pay flights and tickets for foreign Van Cantians for the show in Cologne, April 5th 2014.
  • If you want to be at the cologne show, record a short videoclip explaining why you should be among the chosen ones, upload it on youtube until February 28th, and send the videolink to info[at]
  • Please note that you have to live at least 300km away from the nearest venue of the tour of the brave.
  • On March 1st, the fanclub members and the band will announce the winners.

Allright! Please be part of the lottery to help raising the fund – or – apply for one of the tickets via video. Thank you and good luck!




Today, our fifth album "DAWN OF THE BRAVE" is released. Enjoy!

Pär Sundström (Sabaton):
"I love how Van Canto prooves that its the songs and not the instruments that makes a good heavy metal song. Unique idea and presented by great musicians"

Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger):
"Mit Liebe, Leidenschaft und Inbrunst vorgetragener A-Capella Metal. Heroisch, fesselnd ... einfach tolle Songs... Hut ab !!!"

Victor Smolski (RAGE):
"Hammerplatte! Vom bombastischen Headbangersong "Fight for your life" über den mega-groovy "Steelbreaker" bis hin zu der gefühlvollen Ballade "Into the West" ist alles dabei. Super Gesang-Arrangements!"




Dawn of the Brave is released!

We have a regular version of the CD, containing 13 tracks, look at Amazon.

Then there is a limited edition with bonus tracks: Orchestral versions of Take to the Sky, If I Die In Battle und My Voice, a remix of Neuer Wind, an accoustic version of Lost Forever and a great chor version of Last Night of the Kings. You can get it at EMP together with a VC flag.

And there is a very special Earbook-Edition, a 30x30 cm book with Bonus-CD and a DVD of our Wacken Gig 2011, exclusively at Napalm Records.

Sly already got his earbook copy and introduces it in the first volume of his new video news feed "SteelBreakingNews"



Tour of the Brave

We had a great start of our tour in Russia, followed by shows in France, Belgium and Germany.
Now we're heading off to Milan, Munich, Prague and Ludwigsburg. Hope to meet you there! Rakkatakka!



Tour of the Brave - Update

Our tour runs great, we are happy about full and sold out venues, and the greatest fans on earth. See an example from Aschaffenburg.

For all visitors of the Hamburg concert: Please send your name to vancanto [at] vancanto [punkt] de and we will send you the promised download link after the tour. Thank you!



Tour of the Brave is over!


Thanks to all our fans in Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands for giving us such a warm welcome all over Europe.

Thanks to all fans from USA, Chile, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Austria and from all over the world travelling 1000 of miles to see our shows!

Thanks to our fantastic crew: Jan (Sound), Simon (Light), Olli (Drums and Backline), Kathrin (Merch), Laura and Tanja (Global Supervisors), Wolfgang (Busdriver) and Lukas (Ball Operator).

Thanks to Maria, Birke and Jörg from Twisted Talent, all local promoters and our Street Team for their support.

Thanks to Winterstorm and all special guests for their great music.

See some stage fotos here, the one in the middle is from our last show in Dortmund (Thanks to Saskia for the great photo).

We will be back and hope to meet you all again.

Love and Rakkatakka,
Van Canto




We will play this year's Wacken Open Air!

This will be an exclusive show with Special Guests:

  • Tarja Turunen (Tarja, ex-Nightwish)
  • Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger)
  • André Matos (ex-Angra)
  • Victor Smolski (RAGE)
  • Jörg Michael (Heavatar, ex-Stratovarius)
    and a full choir.

Be there, rain or shine!!!



Thank you Wacken!

Wacken, thank you for a great night! Thanks to all people in front of the stage, our crew and all at Wacken. And of course thanks to our special guests: Tarja Turunen, Chris Boltendahl, André Matos, Victor Smolski, Jörg Michael and Stimmgewalt.



Voicefest 2014

After our gig at the Wacken Open Air with a full choir, we decided to do it again!
We start our "Voicefest" and are going to play 3 german shows with full choir support!

We will show up on December 12th in Hamburg, December 13th in Bochum and December 14th in Frankfurt. Special Guest are In Legend (with new songs), and Stimmgewalt from Berlin. We hope to meet you there to sing with us and our choir!

Tickets at Metaltix



Gigs 2015

in 2015 we will focus on our creative work, results yet to be announced ;-)

Nevertheless we will play some gigs, for the first time in Spain, Australia and Belarus. And some german gigs as well!

See you,



Van Canto forced to postpone Russian and Belarus gigs

We are very sad that we have to announce the postponement of our upcoming Van Canto shows in Russia and Belarus.
One of the band members fell suddenly very sick and the doctors prohibited him from flying and any strenuous exercise as this would mean a major threat to his health.
After thinking over all possible solutions we came to the conclusion that unfortunately there is no other way than moving the concerts to a later date.
All tickets remain valid and we are working at full speed to announce alternate dates as soon as possible.



Tarja and Van Canto

Tarja Turunen just released her DVD "Luna Park Ride".
It also shows our show in Wacken with the song "Anteroom of Death".
Check out



Back from Australia

Hello there!
We are back from Australia and are still busy to realize all the impressions we got there. For the first time in Van Canto's history we gave a workshop (for 86 singers!), teaching them how to sing metal a cappella in 4 days, 5 hours each.
A Van Canto show, together with the choir and a final concert with all choirs of the festival were just a perfect highlight of our time at the other side of the world.

We will play some gigs this year and then focus on new creative work, about which we will post some news in some weeks. Stay tuned!



Concept album and Tour

Van Cantians!

After a great summer that brought us to Australia, Spain and France, we fill finish 2015 live season with Russia and Belarus this weekend.

But we will tour again: We will release the first concept album of our project "Metal Vocal Musical" in March 2016, more details to follow within the next weeks.

After that we will hit the roads of Europe again, performing songs of the new album and of course "regular" Van Canto songs as well, including some songs that haven't made it on the setlist for a long time.

The tour will be supported by the mighty Grailknights and changing local support acts and special guests.

18.03.2016 Leipzig – Hellraiser (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
19.03.2016 Zlin – Masters of Rock Cafe (+ Grailknights + Winterstorm)
20.03.2016 Prag – Meet Factory (+ Grailknights + Winterstorm)
24.03.2016 London – O2 Islington (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
25.03.2016 Tilburg – O13 (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
26.03.2016 Vosselaar Biebob (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
27.03.2016 Paris – Le Petit Bain (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
31.03.2016 Wien – Szene (+ Grailknights + Dragony)
01.04.2016 Pratteln – Z7 (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
02.04.2016 München – Backstage (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
03.04.2016 Stuttgart – Im Wizemann (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
09.04.2016 Hannover – Musikzentrum (+ Grailknights + Sinbreed)
10.04.2016 Berlin – Lido (+ Grailknights + Sinbreed)
15.04.2015 Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)
16.04.2015 Hamburg – Markthalle (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)
17.04.2015 Frankfurt – Batschkapp (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)

We hope to meet you there! Get your tickets at



Ike leaves Van Canto, Jan new bass singer

Ike leaves Van Canto and says: “My decision to leave this great band was a tough one. The time for change is now. Life is offering new paths for me. It was great fun and an honour to sing for you and with you. Friendships have been established that will remain. All the best to all Van Cantians! Rakkatakka!”

Bandfounder Stef: “Of course this is sad, but we know it wasn’t an easy decision. We think this step is honest and straightforward. Of course our friendship will remain, even if it does not take place in a common band anymore. Personally, I really enjoyed to experience so many great moments with Ike, that we had dreamed of as 13 year old boys when founding our very first band “Gloom” in 1993.”

New bass singer will be Jan, who already shared the stage with us and his Stimmgewalt choir on our Voicesfests and some single gigs as a guest musician. Jan states: “This metal-affine choirboy is tremendously joyful to be part of the Van Canto Epicness!” Jan, welcome to Van Canto.

All bandmembers wish Ike all the best on all new paths, and say “Thank you” for so many deep bass notes and great moments!

Stef, Inga, Dennis, Ross, Bastian in November 2015



Van Canto Vocal Metal Musical - Voices of Fire

ON MARCH 11th, 2016 ON earMUSIC.

In 2006, VAN CANTO surprised the world of metal with a revolutionary idea: to perform metal music with vocals and drums only. Nine years later, after five top 20 releases in Germany, sold out headlining tours throughout Europe and festival performances taking the band from Wacken to Australia, Van Canto now mark a new chapter in the story of “metal a cappella”: Vocal Metal Musical.

“Vocal Metal Music further develops what we stand for as Van Canto. Not only can our voices sing and imitate guitars but they are also able to tell stories. It has been six years that we’ve been working on this concept – and now we’re finally able to share it with the world”, says founding band member Stef.

March 11th, 2016 sees the release of the brand new album “Voices Of Fire” on earMUSIC by Van Canto. For this release, the band has teamed up with German bestseller author Christoph Hardebusch (“Die Trolle” – engl. “The Trolls”) who is going to release his new fantasy novel “Feuerstimmen” on March 17th, 2016 on Piper Verlag.

“We are barely able to tell what came first: the music as part of the novel or the novel as part of our album. Christoph Hardebusch and we worked hand in hand on this. Our compositions did influence the novel and vice versa. Simply put, we created our own world – a world full of competing kingdoms, epic battles, dragons, fire and bards. Not always deadly serious but full of adventures to set your imagination running wild… like Van Canto does,” explains lead singer Sly who developed the plot of the novel together with Christoph Hardebusch.

„On the one hand working closely with Van Canto was a lot of fun but on the other hand it was also very demanding,” adds author Christoph Hardebusch. “The great picture can only be achieved when creative minds interact with each other; the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Right from the start, story and music has been a unit which has influenced and fueled each other.”

For the first time, Van Canto is working with the London Metro Voices – a choir which also sang on the soundtracks of the popular blockbuster saga “Lord of the Rings”.

“Nowadays, especially in metal, everyone is creating this pseudo symphonic metal, trying to squeeze as many drum machine tracks and fake orchestra sounds in one song as possible. We wanted to do it differently. We wanted to create an album full of human sounds – either by using one’s hands for drumming or using your voice,” drummer Bastian, who is responsible for directing the various international choirs on the album, explains.

The cover artwork for “Voices Of Fire” as well as its various illustrations were created by fantasy artist Osmar Arroyo from South America.
“For this album, we wanted people to actually see the most important scenes. Omar is a great artist who understands our vision,” Ross, responsible for the guitar vocals, adds.

Coinciding with the album release, the band is going to tour Europe in 2016.
“We will surely find a way to present the songs from the new album in a special way live. But not only, we are of course going to play the most loved Van Canto songs and will also pick songs who weren’t part of our setlist for a long time,” announces lead singer Inga.

Van Canto is supported by Grailknights as well as changing local supports and special guests on their upcoming tour.

March 18 Leipzig – Hellraiser (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
March 19 Zlin – Masters of Rock Cafe (+ Grailknights + Winterstorm)
March 20 Prag – Meet Factory (+ Grailknights + Winterstorm)
March 24 London – O2 Islington (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
March 25 Tilburg – O13 (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
March 26 Vosselaar Biebob (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
March 27 Paris – Le Petit Bain (+ Grailknights + End of the Dream)
March 31 Wien – Szene (+ Grailknights + Dragony)
April 1 Pratteln – Z7 (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
April 2 München – Backstage (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
April 3 Stuttgart – Im Wizemann (+ Grailknights + Victorius)
April 9 Hannover – Musikzentrum (+ Grailknights + Sinbreed)
April 10 Berlin – Lido (+ Grailknights + Sinbreed)
April 15 Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)
April 16 Hamburg – Markthalle (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)
April 17 Frankfurt – Batschkapp (+ Freedom Call + Grailknights)



Lyric-Video: Clashings On Armour Plates

Check out the opener of our upcoming album "Voices of Fire", "Clashings on Armour Plates"!



The Bardcall

Check out the official video of our brandnew song "The Bardcall".
The album "Voices of Fire" will be released on march 11th.



Our new album VOICES OF FIRE will be available in 3 editions:

CD Digipak:
Mediabook (44 pages with Illustrations and Bonustrack):



Voices of Fire out now!

Today is the relase of VOICES OF FIRE!


The novel "FEUERSTIMMEN" by Christoph Hardebusch will also be availabe as an english e-book "Voices of fire" and will be released next friday.

Our tour starts on March 18th, we hope to meet you! Rakkatakka!



Voices of Fire - English E-Book

For all those who want to get the complete story of VOICES OF FIRE.
The novel by Christoph Hardebusch is now available as English E-Book:
Voices of Fire, Ebook on Amazon



Voices of Fire Tour is over - Thank you!!!

Van Cantians!

Our Voices of Fire European Tour is over! We are very thankful for the last weeks and very happy we met so many great people from all over Europe (and those who came to our shows from outside Europe, of course!).

A tour cannot be done without the greatest vocal crew on earth. Thanks to Jan (sound), Simon (light), Felix (monitor/stage), Oli (drums/stage), Saskia (merch), Laura (merch and family assistance), Tony (driving just-in-time), Paul & Beppo (filling in and helping out) and Lukas (police, security and dragon fighting) for the great support.

Thanks to our booking agency and our publishers for all the great work!

Thanks to our support acts Freedom Call, Sinbreed, Victorius, End of the Dream, Winterstorm and Dragony.

Special thanks go out to our main support, the migthy Grailknights and their Crew. It was wonderful being on the road with you, such kind, funny, relaxed people, great musicians and just the perfect Van Canto support. Let's do it again someday!

Very special thanks to our fanclub who showed up in so many venues and helped Van Canto Fans from all over the world to see our shows. You are awesome!

Osmar and Christoph, thanks for making this tour a special one. We are so happy you are part of the Voices of Fire team and it was great sharing the stage with you.

Ike, thank you for showing up in Frankfurt and adding some thunderous double bass action!

Most of all, we want to thank all Van Canto fans for packing the halls, making incredible noise, singing along, giving us the best time in our career and just being the greatest fans in the world. Thank you!

VAN CANTO, April 2016



Original VOICES OF FIRE Dragon Amulet on ebay for SAVE THE CHILDREN

As announced on our VOICES OF FIRE Tour, we put the original amulet by OSMAR ARROYO on ebay. It was used for the cover of VOICES OF FIRE as well as for FEUERSTIMMEN. We put an additional item on ebay, a signed, hand-drawn drumskin with all tourdates.

The auction proceeds are given 100% to SAVE THE CHILDREN, an international non-governmental organization that promotes children's rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.

Please support us by joining the auction or at least sharing this post. It would be awesome to have a great result for Save the Children. Thank you!





Van Canto is taking a longer break at the moment. As soon as we have news to tell, you will read them here. Meanwhile, Stef is working on a 2nd Heavatar album - we will keep you posted!



Sly leaves Van Canto - new Lineup

Sly leaves Van Canto - new Lineup

Dear fans, friends and fanclub members!

Today I would like to announce my departure as lead singer of Van Canto.

Looking back on 10 years of an unforgettable band history, full of countless memorable moments, I would like to thank you all for your support and engagement to the band, your singing and the many concerts you brought your energy to and gave right back to us.

It was a hard decision to reach, I also had to make due to private changes. The spirit in every Van Canto fan and musician, will remain in my heart for eternity. Always forward.

As far as new Van Canto projects are concerned, I wouldn't say no to a guest appearance. It's all just a question of time management, how much I can be involved, and of course what the band's vision is.

I wish Van Canto and everyone involved all the best for the future, and fingers crossed that they have lots of new surprises and wonderful moments.

Just to say, I will have a smile on my face and a tear in my eye and leave you all with a resounding RAKKATAKKA MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Your Sly.

VC says...

We are all sad to learn of Sly's leaving the band, but we would like to mention it was not because of the famous personal/professional differences. Quite the opposite.
Sly, you will always be a part of the Van Canto family and we would be delighted to have you along at one of the "positive surprises", you wished for us, on the stage or behind a microphone
Time will tell dude, but friends will always be friends.

It is never nice when a band changes its line up and must tell everyone. We were going back and forth, but we noticed we all have too much energy and motivation to sing old songs and write new ones, play concerts, record in the studio, go on tour and to arrange plans together, rather than just quit.
Therefore, we will be presenting our new lineup on the 18.08.2017; and we would be more than delighted to have you all continue to accompany us on the strange journey that is Van Canto.

Sly, we wish you all the best - We're there for you.

Van Canto.



Hagen new singer, Ike back in the band!

Our new singer is called "Hagen". And to compliment his stormy and gravelly voice we call him "Hagel", which is German for "Hailstone". He is an outstanding young man with a fantastic voice, which has an impressive range, from the highest scream to the lowest growl and he is eager to RAKKA TAKKA your asses. You can see him in the video. Welcome to Van Canto, dude.

The sample song is called "Voice Number Seven", by the way. Seven? Yep, Ike is back on board and will be active in the studio and at selected concerts, together with Jan, to bring some deep, double doom-a-bass to your ears.

We will not be anywhere for the rest of 2017, but we are preparing everything for some festivals, a new album and tour for next year. We're really looking forward to seeing you all again in 2018!

(Foto: Frauke Bönsch/



Tour Number Seven

We'll be on tour in 2018 - TOUR NUMBER SEVEN.
We are supported by MoonSun and Evertale, check out the tourdate section for details.



Back in the Lead Lyric Video

The first Lyric Video to our upcoming album - BACK IN THE LEAD!



Melody Video

Check out the official video to our upcoming album - MELODY!



Trust in Rust - Track by Track

Check out this track by track video to get teaser of all songs and also some information on how the songs came to life:



70k Tons of Metal

70k Tons of Metal



After our great Tour No 7 in 6 countries, we just came back from the 70k Tons of Metal cruise, which added a 7th country to the list ;-)

For 2019 we already have Hexentanz-, RockHarz- and Summerbreeze-Festivals confirmed - so we hope to meet many of you there!



New shop

Our new shop is online - for all of you who did not have the chance to check our merch booth on tour ;-)

Here we go:



Sabaton Open Air

We are happy to be invited to the Sabaton Festival 2020 - it will be our third time on this great festival in Falun, Sweden!



Christmas Bundles

Check out our shop for our christmas bundle - VC shirt +1, +3, or +7 CDs!